The centre will help Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company to monitor, manage and control extra-high voltage transmission networks in the country


Siemens consortium to build new power control centre in Egypt. (Credit: Pixabay/Pexels.)

Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company has selected a consortium of Siemens Smart Infrastructure and Hassan Allam Construction to build National Energy Control Center, a new power grid control centre in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt.

The new control centre will use advanced equipment and software to monitor, manage and control extra-high voltage (220kV and 500kV) transmission networks and power generation stations across the country.

It is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

The scope of the €45m contract secured by the consortium includes construction of a building in the new Administrative Capital of Egypt to host the control centre including electro-mechanical works and all-auxiliary services.

The new centre will also see the deployment of technologies that are required to accommodate future grid expansion.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure digital grid CEO Sabine Erlinghagen said: “A secure, efficient and reliable power supply is essential to our everyday life. This new control center will enable Egypt’s power grid to tick these boxes today, but will also adapt to future changes when incorporating new technology and energy sources.

“We are looking forward to supporting the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy’s vision to further digitalize the energy sector.”

Siemens will deploy Spectrum Power 7 software to run the control centre

To be located in the new Administrative Capital of Egypt, the new National Energy Control Center and its backup control centre in Giza, will run on Siemens Spectrum Power 7, a control center platform for transmission management in energy networks.

The platform is claimed to include several applications for grid monitoring and supervisory control, load and wind or solar power generating forecasting, network analysis and optimisation, cross-optimised thermal and hydro generation scheduling along with generation dispatch and control.

Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company chairwoman Sabah Mashally said: “Our partnership with Siemens spans many decades, and we are confident that the company will provide solutions that will meet our current requirements as well as our future needs and growth expectations for the network.

“This project is another step toward a robust, smart and efficient electrical grid that is not only crucial to Egypt’s economic development, but will also allow for faster implementation of renewable energy sources in the country.”