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  • Electric Utilities

    Congratulations! Tech Products, Inc’s revolutionary product Everlast™ has completed 22,000 hours of UV exposure in a test designed by Underwriters Laboratories®.

  • Stäubli introduces a new configurator – a simple and intuitive tool for step-by-step configuration of connectors tailored to your exact requirements

    The new configurator from Stäubli Electrical Connectors simplifies planning during the construction process and supports design process optimization by simple integration of step data files. The tool guarantees compatibility and transparency – from planning, inquiries to commissioning and after sales. The engineering of tomorrow is digital making data consistency vital. Merging all types of digital product and production data in the real world is a central prerequisite for Industry 4.0. This is where the CombiTac configurator comes into play, providing 3D data in addition to offering optimized processes and time savings. The customer can configure a modular connector system precisely based on specifications. Incorrect combinations are automatically reduced to a minimum thanks to the intelligent system.

  • What makes multi screw pumps so attractive?

    What is particularly important in the oil sector however – even more important than efficiency – is the flexibility that displacement pumps provide when it comes to the viscosity of the medium. Whilst centrifugal pumps have fixed operating points and their efficiency drops rapidly as viscosity increases, NOTOS® multi screw pumps also operate with excellent rates of efficiency across the entire range of viscosity up to 50,000 cSt, as they operate on the principle of displacement. The pumping principle is based on the interaction between the screws and the housing to form chambers, which continuously convey the medium at stable pressure from the suction to the discharge side, almost entirely independent of consistency or viscosity. The flow rate is determined by the rotational speed, the screw diameter and the thread pitch. It is therefore directly proportional to the speed which can be flexibly adjusted.

  • New CombiTac LCT06 coolant couplings for safe pneumatic and fluid transfer

    Single connectors for power, control and communication are more and more being replaced by hybrid solutions with more compact dimensions and improved performance. Stäubli's modular CombiTac system with its wide range of connector modules enables the configuration of individual interfaces. All necessary power, signal and data connections can be combined in a single connector using the modular system. Even pneumatic and fluid couplings can be integrated.

  • Management system for information security: Implico receives ISMS certification in accordance with ISO 27001

    Hamburg. The international software and consulting company Implico is now officially ISMS-certified. The distinction by TÜV Nord confirms that the company’s internal processes and regulations comply with the ISO 27001 definitions. This guarantees a high level of information security, which is subject to steady testing and continuous improvement.

  • Cooperation in Field of Back-End is Subject of German-Russian Dialogue

    On March 18, 2019, in Berlin, Germany, a seminar “Perspectives for German-Russian Nuclear Safety Science Cooperation” took place. The seminar was organized under the auspices of German Eastern Business Association with participation of TENEX. The Russian delegation comprising representatives of ROSATOM State Corporation, TENEX, JSC “Science and Innovations”, FSUE “National Operator for Radioactive Waste Management”, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research of Russian Academy of Sciences, and The Nuclear Safety Institute (IBRAE) and their German colleagues discussed the perspectives and potential directions of joint research, drawing special attention to the issues of safe management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste.

  • Robust rotary lobe pump design enables a six times higher service life of pumps handling abrasive ceramic slip

    Until 2013, a German ceramics manufacturer used a progressing cavity pump for filling and recirculation of the storage tanks for grog and ceramic slip. The wear parts of this pump, however, had to be replaced every three months due to the highly viscous and abrasive substance. To minimise service times and enable more economical production, NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH from Waldkraiburg/Germany suggested replacing the unit with a special rotary lobe pump from the TORNADO® T2 range. The T.Proc® is specially designed for a long service life with minimum wear, so that it can also convey highly abrasive compounds without problems. This is made possible by the combination of the operating principle and a special material pairing, which is only offered by NETZSCH: instead of conventional elastomer lobes in a metal housing, this pump comprises two steel lobes rotating in a replaceable rubber housing insert. This achieves a higher durability of the moving components because steel is less susceptible to material fatigue from dynamic forces than plastic elastomer. In addition, the interior is designed without dead space so no slip residue can adhere. Due to the clearly reduced wear and the longer service life of 1 and 1.5 years, respectively, the ceramics manufacturer has now changed over its entire production to the TORNADO T.Proc®.