Ahlberg Cameras is a leading provider of CCTV solutions for the nuclear industry. The advanced technology used enables control room operators to monitor the nuclear facility with precision and ease. With the Video Management Software, operators can seamlessly manage and monitor hundreds of cameras throughout the facility.

Additionally, our software integrates with thermal cameras, microphones, and different kinds of sensors monitoring temperature, pressure, and fluid levels. This data is presented to the operator in a user-friendly interface, ensuring efficient and effective monitoring.

24/7 surveillance for life extension upgrades

The CCTV systems are customized to each customer’s specific needs. It’s important to supply 24/7 surveillance in areas with high gamma and neutron radiation. “We deliver the needed systems for NPP control that is especially important for plant life extension upgrades,” explains Peter Legath, Sales Manager at Ahlberg Cameras.

Gamma and neutron-shielded cameras

As nuclear reactors during operation emit both gamma and neutron radiation, the cameras in these controlled areas are radiation tolerant to both. In addition to that, they also need active cooling to comply with requested Loss Of Cooling Accident (LOCA) requirements. Popular sensors attached to the cameras are audio for turbine buildings, temperature for steam boxes, and thermal where one would like to detect vapor or heat levels.

Thermal camera

The radiation tolerant thermal camera, CCTV40-TH is the newest addition to the CCTV product line. It is a combined thermographic and visual camera. Inside the camera, the thermographic sensor measures temperature differences of critical equipment and other valuable assets. The visual sensor helps the operator with orientation in the room.

The camera’s pan and tilt unit move the camera to pre-set positions and gathers temperature information on pre- selected equipment.

As the cameras are usually mounted high up on the walls, they are designed for easy service with a minimum of hand-tools, and without removing the camera from its location.

Customized Video Management System

All camera, pan and tilt, and light functions, as well as recording and filing are controlled with the T-Complex video management software. All images are displayed and can be enlarged on the screen. It is a scalable platform that controls anything from one to several hundreds of cameras. For temperature detection our software

the operator with thermal images. Detected temperature differences of any equipment alerts the operator of undesired behavior. This gives the operator an early warning and the root cause can be taken care of before equipment becomes damaged. If the CCTV40TH thermal camera is equipped with a microphone, the sound information is processed by the sound detector software. Like the thermal information, it is presented and alerted similarly to the operator.

Mobile cameras

In the case of quickly gaining supervision of a specific area, mobile cameras are used. They are important for increased safety and ALARA. Depending on need, radiation levels, and available interfaces, different types of mobile cameras are used for easy connection to the system or for independent use. Typical surveillance tasks for the mobile cameras are temporary work area surveillance, possible leakage targeting and replacing personnel in dangerous work situations.

Turnkey solutions

Ahlberg Cameras designs, delivers, installs, and maintains complete CCTV systems. Our engineers design both new installations and upgrades of old systems. These can be situated in nuclear power plants, spent fuel storage, waste management, and decommissioning sites.

“We offer an extensive range of radiation tolerant equipment combined with customizable software, installation services, and maintenance. Our aim is to stand out as a market leader in CCTV equipment for nuclear power plants and waste management facilities, ensuring the safety of personnel and security of these critical facilities,” says Johan Bäckström, CEO at Ahlberg Cameras.

In upgrade projects at nuclear sites, existing cabling must, in many cases, be reused as a benefit to our customers. In that case, the designer’s challenge is to incorporate new HD cameras and a modern monitoring system into an existing cabling infrastructure.

About Ahlberg Cameras

  • Founded in 1981
  • Has delivered cameras systems to more than 200 reactors
  • Offices in Sweden and USA
  • Since 2022, a fully owned subsidiary to Brokk, worldwide supplier of demolition machines