The Mecc Alte range of controllers are now available with a customisable controller panel which can be modified to allow you to create your own unique design by adding a logo and selecting any colour of choice. The dynamic controller design (DCD) options within the configuration tool allows you to add or delete certain elements, along with a selection of different icon sets.

With over seven decades in the power generation industry, we are committed to providing only the best to our customers around the world. The genset controllers are designed to give you unrivalled levels of customisation, access and control over your products when you need it most.

Mario Carraro, CEO of Mecc Alte said: “In listening to the needs of the market, it was simple to see that clients wanted complete control over their own genset products and what was most significant for them was to allow this through a trusted independent partner, one who can support product globally and with the relevant technological expertise. That’s why to so many Mecc Alte are the Power from Within.”

We are supporting OEMs to bring to market new power solutions quickly and efficiently to communities around the globe without complex supply chain and high operating costs. This new tool offers an independent alternative from a global partner. Contact us to find out more.