Mecc Alte manufacture the world’s largest range of low voltage alternators 1-5,000 kVA via our ‘made for manufacturing’ product design in Italy, the UK, China and India. Each facility is concentrated on the production of world-class alternators, with complete manufacturing in Mecc Alte SpA and Mecc Alte Power Products in Italy (1 – 5,000kVA), Mecc Alte UK in Great Britain (1 – 3,000kVA), Mecc Alte Haimen in China (7.5 – 3,000kVA) and Mecc Alte India in Pune India (6.5 – 750kVA). The network of factories is additionally supported by wholly-owned subsidiaries based in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the USA who specialise locally in the sales, distribution and aftersales for all Mecc Alte’s alternator solutions. This global support ensures that our customers get the assistance they need… wherever they are.

As power generation becomes more complex, the discussions on power become much more about complete solutions rather than just individual products. In response, Mecc Alte has recognised the growing need to offer single-source supply to present versatile solutions for OEMs. That is why we are now offering genset controllers with a 5-year global warranty and battery chargers to be used in conjunction with our world class alternators.

In addition to a very broad ‘standard’ product range, we can also meet specific customer requirements for a wide variety of specialised alternator products, which include 400Hz, water-cooled, DC, variable speed, totally enclosed, wind power and DC telecom systems.

We employ over 1,200 unique people throughout the world. Every one of them is totally committed to the global support that we offer to our customers… and to ensuring that every single alternator we produce meets the world-class standards that Mecc Alte is renowned for.

Our independence is very important to us… and to our customers because we never compete with any of them in the end market (we don’t sell complete generator sets).

We aim to be the Power from Within our customers gensets to ensure the lights stay on globally.
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