As power generation becomes more complex, the discussions on power become much more about complete solutions rather than just individual products. In response, Mecc Alte has recognised the growing need to offer single-source supply to present versatile solutions for OEMs. That is why we are now selling gensetcontrollers and battery chargers alongside alternators.

The controllers cover all applications from single set standby, through paralleling systems, right up to microgrid controllers with embedded renewables. They feature a powerful PLC environment which allows you to meet the most demanding project requirements and with no limit on the number of PLC blocks you can use you get a truly flexible control solution.

The new Mecc Alte controllers include the GC250 and GC315 models which are a range of genset controllers suitable for single standby applications, the HS315 hybrid controller which has been designed to allow maximum penetration of renewable energy and the GC400 parallel controller which is suitable for use in gensets working in parallel mode for both emergency and prime power applications. Manufactured in Europe with a 5-year global warranty and built with optional 5G/GPS communication for remote monitoring solutions.

With over seven decades in the power generation industry, we are committed to providing only the best to our customers around the world. The genset controllers are designed to give you unrivalled levels of access and control over your products when you need it most.

Mario Carraro, CEO of Mecc Alte said: “We are fully behind the trends in the market and our product expansion. We truly believe in providing solutions that make our partner’s life simpler and for this reason we are working on not just simplifying the supply chain but also in offering extra intelligence when the controllers are used in conjunction with a Mecc Alte digital alternator. With our expertise in the power generation market, we focus on exceeding customer expectations and have worked with them to offer options on how to interact with all product line-ups, from bare components to complete sub-systems.”
We are supporting OEMs to bring to market new power solutions quickly and efficiently to communities around the globe simplifying supply chains and minimising operating costs. Take 360o control – talk to us to find out more.