As a global manufacturer with more than 75 years of experience in the alternator industry, Mecc Alte have become adept at spotting powergen trends. The latest trend is towards meeting power demands by providing an integrated package that allows its clients to fit the increasingly complex requirements of the application.

“Power generation is becoming much more about complete solutions than products,” says Mecc Alte’s Sales and Marketing Director, Jonathan Stokes. “We’re creating value by supplying Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with alternators, controllers, battery chargers and governors required for their generators. The result: an integrated solution that very closely matches the unique demands of each and every power requirement.”

The company’s independent status has won it a great deal of trust from the power community over the years. “We’ve never built complete gen sets, so people know that we’re not in competition with them” says Jonathan. “As a result we’ve earned our reputation as a trusted advisor. When clients come to us with a problem, we provide a straightforward – and sometimes very innovative – answer.”

The recognition of a growing demand from the market for more integrated, packaged solutions has led to the development of a number of new products that make it easier to meet the need.

A totally new, fully integrated Digital CANbus Series solution – SMART Link – integrates power management and monitoring into a single platform. When it’s paired with a Mecc Alte digital alternator and a Mecc Alte controller, the results are impressive.

“By providing simple safe access to all essential genset components, we enable true digital regulation and real time measurement, as well as smart diagnostics, rapid setting via the controller, and enhanced safety – all in one human-machine interface or HMI,” says Jonathan.

A flurry of other new products are being launched by the company that are also designed to be easily integrated into complete solutions for OEMs.

The next generation of the company’s highly successful C-Type series consists of two new models – the ECP4 and ECP30, adding to a range that is designed to deliver a high power to size ratio.

As with all C-Type alternators, the new models benefit from Mecc Alte MAUX (Mecc Alte Auxillary Winding System) installed as standard. This power boost facility enables every C-Type alternator to take an overload of >300% forced current for up to 20 seconds – perfect for motor starting requirements.

The C-Type Series represent a completely new approach to design, both inside and out, that brings various advances and benefits to our customers and end users. We have invested many hours in research, working with the power generation industry, to understand the challenges that are faced in achieving and maintaining continuous, efficient and reliable power delivery.

Other new products announced by the company include a new DC250 lighting tower controller, a new hybrid battery charger for DC applications, and a new 20A 24V charger for high current demand applications.

In addition, new AVRs with an integrated link to controllers have been unveiled, which are designed to provide an optimum communications and collaboration solution in terms of information, setting, efficiency and consequent savings.

Mecc Alte is a high volume manufacturer producing in Italy, the UK, China, and India. The diverse range includes small 2-pole and large 4-pole alternators, as well as medium and high voltage machines, and multi-pole units for hydro applications, spanning 1 – 5000kVA

The network of factories is additionally supported by wholly-owned subsidiaries based in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the USA who specialise locally in the sales, distribution and aftersales for all Mecc Alte’s alternator solutions. In addition its powerful partnership with customers and service centres around the world enable global support that starts at the initial contact right through to training and aftersales.

“We pride ourselves on being the Power from Within the systems and gensets that our customers produce,” says Jonathan. “With these new products, it’s a description that’s even more appropriate.”