As market requirements take on wider remits and power generation becomes much more about complete solutions, leading independent alternator manufacturer, Mecc Alte, has announced that it will now globally distribute Sices control products and accessories.

With the integration of this new range, Mecc Alte enables greater value for OEMs and continues to bring to the market unrivalled product quality in a superior range of control products and component packages.

Mario Carraro, Director of Mecc Alte said: “While culture, technology and design shifts and changes, one thing that remains constant is our commitment to our customers and the industry we serve. We are excited to announce that Mecc Alte and Sices Controller Division have joined forces to offer a complementary ‘fit and sell’ strategy through our respective networks.”

The Sices range will include Gen-Set, Parallel and ATS products along with market leading Hybrid controllers. The Sices range has been proven around the world across many sectors including mission critical data centres, transport networks, telecommunications, distribution and healthcare facilities.

Laura Curioni CEO of Sices said: “When an alternator is served to an OEM, it is common that a gen- set controller is required as well. We hope this will make it easier for customers to specify reliable control products that work in synergy with market leading alternator solutions. By working together our core aim is to offer greater value and build on our respective independent technological expertise.”

Designed and built in Europe, the controllers provide easy integration and robust technical control to ensure that OEMs can quickly adapt to new market dynamics. The range will also be supported with spares and communication accessories including those for 5G networks.

Mario continues: “We want to take the hard work out of complex sourcing for alternator and controller products. With single sourcing, simplified supply chain and competitive pricing we continue to offer unique and value-based solutions so OEM’s and independent manufacturers can focus on doing what they do best – engineering great products and powering communities around the world.”