CJSC Inter Rao UES (Inter Rao) and Georgia are in talks over joint control of the Enguri hydroelectric power plant. The Enguri plant generates about 4.2 billion kilowatt hour (kwh) of electricity per year, contributing 45% of electricity generated in Georgia. The break away region of Georgia, Abkhazia, gets 1.2 billion kwh. The plant's five generators are on the Abkhaz side of the de facto border, but the Enguri dam is on the Georgian side.

We are in talks to create a council with equal representation, which will manage the operation of the Enguri plant, Georgian Energy Minister Alezander Khetaguri said.

Khetaguri said that a memorandum on the start of negotiations was signed in Tbilisi in December 2008, despite a war between the two countries over breakaway South Ossetia in August 2008.

Khetaguri said that there was no prospect of tranfering any shares in Enguri project to Russia.

All 100 percent of shares of Enguri were, are and will be in the hands of Georgia, Khetaguri said.

Khetaguri said that on account of signing of a final agreement, Russia would pay Georgia for electricity consumed in Abkhazia. He also said that Russia was ready to buy additional electricity from the Enguri plant for its southern regions.