Innogy aims to see the installation of 90 monopile foundations of the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm in 2020


The Triton Knoll offshore wind farm will use 90 monopile foundations. (Credit: Triton Knoll)

Innogy is all set to begin the offshore construction of the 857MW Triton Knoll offshore wind farm, which is being developed within the Greater Wash strategic area, offshore England.

The German energy company, which owns 59% stake in the offshore wind project, will manage its construction and long term operation and maintenance works. The other stakeholders in the Triton Knoll wind project are J-Power (25%) and Kansai Electric Power (16%).

According to innogy, the project team will have a goal to install 90 monopile foundations and transition pieces apart from two offshore substation platforms (OSPs) and their foundations in 2020. The project team will also look to lay more than 600km of sub-sea export and array cables this year.

The German energy company said that the vessel fleet that will execute the installation has already started to mobilise. Installation of the first monopile foundations will begin once the weather conditions are favourable, said innogy.

Vessels like Seaway Strashnov, Esvagt Froude and others will be involved in the construction of the Triton Knoll wind farm.

Triton Knoll and innogy project director Julian Garnsey said: “We are looking forward to a busy year installing Triton Knoll’s innovative foundations and offshore substation platforms, further demonstrating innogy’s continued commitment towards ever more sustainable electricity generation for consumers.”

Innogy said that the year 2019 saw considerable progress in the onshore construction needed to support the Triton Knoll project. Included in these are the construction of a 57km underground onshore export cable, a new landfall connection, and a purpose-built onshore substation.

The German energy company expects the onshore construction to be completed this year.

Triton Knoll wind farm will be made up of 90 turbines of 9.5 MW capacity

To be equipped with 90 V164-9.5 MW turbines from MHI Vestas, the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm is expected to power more than 800,000 average UK households.

Innogy said that the installation and energisation of the offshore wind turbines will take place in 2021 with an aim to generate the first electricity from the project in 2022.