The battery storage project will be powered by the company’s Summerview II wind farm


The project was built with a total capital cost of approximately $14.5m.(Credit: Alexander Popov on Unsplash)

TransAlta Renewables has started commercial operations of the 10MW WindCharger battery storage project in Alberta, Canada.

Utilising Tesla Megapack technology, WindCharger will be powered by the company’s Summerview II wind farm.

It is said to be Alberta’s first utility-scale, lithium-ion energy storage project.

According to the company, any new infrastructure investments were not made in the battery storage project, as it is completely a behind-the-fence project.

TransAlta Renewables president John Kousinioris said: “We want to thank Tesla for working with us on this exciting project. The completion of the WindCharger project is an important milestone as we progress towards our goal of providing clean, reliable and low-cost energy solutions to our customers.

“This technology shows strong commercial potential and this particular installation has enough capacity to power all the homes in nearby Pincher Creek for approximately 90 minutes on only one charge.”

TransAlta acquired WindCharger storage project in August

The WindCharger battery storage project was acquired TransAlta in August. Under the terms of the acquisition, a fixed monthly capacity charge will be paid by the company for the right to operate and dispatch the battery in the Alberta market.

Emissions Reduction Alberta has funded approximately 50% of the project’s total capital cost of approximately $14.5m.

TransAlta Renewables is one of the largest renewable independent power producers in Canada.

Its portfolio consists of interests in 23 wind facilities, 13 hydroelectric facilities, seven natural gas generation facilities, one solar facility, one natural gas pipeline, and one battery storage project.

In March, TransAlta acquired a 29MW cogeneration facility in Michigan from two private companies for nearly $27m.

It is the company’s first cogeneration project in the US.