Georgia-based Southern Power has agreed to invest in Bloom Energy’s 30MW fuel cell project in Delaware, where natural gas will be used to power the project

Southern Power

Image: Southern Power to invest in Bloom Energy’s fuel cell project. Photo: Courtesy of Bloom Energy.

Atlanta, Georgia-based wholesale energy provider Southern Power has invested in a Bloom Energy’s 30MW fuel cell generation project in Delaware.

Bloom Energy stated that it will deploy Bloom Energy Servers at an existing 30MW fuel cell project located at two sites in New Castle and Newark, Delaware. Investment from Southern Power will support this upgrade of the sites.

The investment in the fuel cell generation project will enable to upgrade at no additional costs to Delmarva utility customers who will be supplied with the clean, reliable electricity from the fuel cell project.

Southern Power CEO Mark Lantrip said: “This is an excellent project to continue the growth of our partnership with Bloom Energy. We’re excited to make an investment in a new technology that can provide generation resources to meet our customers’ needs as the energy industry continues to evolve.”

Along with Bloom Energy, Southern Power will become the majority co-owner in the project

Bloom Energy stated that its Servers will produce electricity by converting natural gas or biogas through an electrochemical process. As Bloom Energy Servers generate low-emissions power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they can help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, comparable to intermittent zero-emission wind and solar power on an annual basis.

As the natural gas or the biogas used in the process is not combusted, the Servers virtually do not produce any smog forming emissions.

Bloom Energy and a tax equity investor previously owned the fuel cell project. As part of the transaction to upgrade the project, Southern Power will become the majority co-owner along with Bloom Energy. Bloom Energy will continue to operate, maintain and provide the Servers to the fuel cell project.

Bloom Energy chief operations officer Susan Brennan said: “By upgrading the prior generation of Bloom Energy Servers to the newest generation equipment at the Delaware sites, we will continue to generate clean electricity with virtually no smog forming emissions, and with even fewer CO2 emissions.

“We are delighted that Southern Power’s investment in this project is helping us bring cleaner air to the citizens of Delaware.”