The order secured by Nordex also includes a premium service contract with a production-based availability warranty


Nordex’s N149/4.X wind turbine installed in Germany. (Credit: Nordex SE.)

German wind turbine-maker Nordex has secured an order to supply its 5MW+ rated turbines for the 51MW Lutelandet wind farm in Norway.

Developed by Vestavind Kraft, the wind project is owned Lutelandet Energipark, a subsidiary of Norwegian municipal utility SFE Produksjon.

For this order, Nordex has agreed to supply nine of its N149/5.X turbines. The Lutelandet wind farm will be located about 100km north of the City of Bergen, in South-west Norway.

Each of the turbines, with a hub height of 105m is expected to leverage the local steady medium wind speeds, averaging at 7.4m/s.

The order also includes a premium service contract with a production-based availability warranty. The term of the service contract is five years, with an option to extend it up to four additional periods of five years.

The Lutelandet wind farm will generate 150GWh of clean energy when complete

First turbines at the project site are scheduled for installation in the middle of next year and could be completed by the end of the year.

Following the completion, the Lutelandet wind farm is expected to generate up to 150GWh of clean energy annually.

Nordex chief sales officer Patxi Landa said: “We are pleased to have SFE Produksjon AS as a new customer. This highlights the fact that the Nordex Group once again is the first choice among many energy suppliers and municipal utilities.”

In January, Nordex was selected by OX2 and Ardian to supply 53 of its N149/5.X turbines for their 286MW Andberg wind farm to be located in Sweden.

The wind farm is located in the province of Härjedalen, near Lillhärdal in western Sweden and it was acquired by Ardian in February 2019.

Scheduled for completion next year, the Andberg wind farm is expected generate more than 800GWh of clean energy.