FTC has now completed sales and commitments for more than 950MW to be delivered worldwide in 2019 and the first quarter of 2020

FTC Solar

Image: FTC Solar begins supply of Voyager trackers to 150MW Oregon project portfolio. Photo: courtesy of andreas160578/Pixabay.

FTC Solar has started delivery and construction support for its Voyager single-axis tracker on PV project portfolio with a combined capacity of 150MW in Oregon.

Voyager is a single-axis tracker that needs lesser posts per module and minimum DC cabling to drive down installation costs.

The tracker is a single row, 2-P architecture that is well-suited with bifacial modules and allows the optimisation of available land. To enable a granular control with row-level backtracking capabilities, FTC Solar offers a proprietary control system with Voyager.

The Oregon PV projects have passed through construction financing, and all of the trackers will be provided to the project developer.

FTC Solar CEO Tony Etnyre said: “We are pleased to see the continued success of the Voyager product and are enthusiastically supporting our EPC partners through both the supply and installation process. We designed Voyager to dramatically reduce installation complexity, improve Balance of Systems costs, and optimize land use.

“With almost 1GW of Voyager contracts closed worldwide in 2019, we see a clear path to over 1.5GW of deployments in 2020.”

The company has now completed sales and commitments of more than 950MW to be delivered across the globe in 2019 and the first quarter of next year.

The company’s team that built the Voyager tracker brings the experience of designing and installing GWs of third-party single-axis tracker projects in addition to delivering more than 1GW of FTC Solar’s AP90 tracker.

Other projects of FTC Solar

In June, FTC Solar and Thien Tan Group completed the construction of Thiên Tân Group’s 19MW Mo Duc Solar project in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. The two companies had also signed contracts for an additional 80MW across two solar projects to be constructed in the Ninh Thuan Province in 2019 using FTC Solar’s new Voyager Tracker.

Prior to that, in April, FTC Solar had supplied its Voyager single-axis tracker for a 30MW portfolio of projects in Oregon. The order marked the first deployment of Voyager in the US.