The tracker will be provided to a leading US EPC and is the first deployment of Voyager in the US.

“We are pleased to see our EPC partners recognize the total cost savings of the Voyager platform. We designed Voyager to dramatically reduce installation complexity, improve Balance of Systems costs, and optimize land use,” said FTC Solar’s CEO, Tony Etnyre. “Our depth of experience in designing, constructing and supplying materials to global solar projects is being recognized and is translating into significant opportunity for Voyager installation growth this year.”

Voyager is a next generation, single-axis tracker that provides industry-leading ease of installation, performance, and reliability, driving the lowest total installed cost. The FTC team that brings the Voyager tracker to market does so with the experience of designing and installing GWs of third-party single-axis tracker projects in addition to delivering over 1 GW of FTC Solar’s AP90 tracker.

The Voyager tracker is designed with an architecture that requires the fewest posts/module, the least DC cabling, and among the most efficient installation processes in the industry. And, the single row, 2-portrait module mounting architecture allows engineers to make the most of the available land while maintaining suitable accessibility for O&M in higher GCR designs. As a result, Voyager provides the lowest installed cost per watt in the industry.

Source: Company Press Release.