The announcement is part of its first climate transition plan, which outlines how the company plans to transition into a net zero business by 2045


Centrica plans to develop a low carbon portfolio as part of its net zero journey. (Credit: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay)

UK-based energy and services company Centrica has disclosed plans to build a low carbon portfolio of up to 800MW of solar and battery storage by 2025.

The announcement is part of the company’s first climate transition plan, which outlines how it plans to become a net zero business by 2045.

Centrica said that the investment in solar and battery storage will focus on large scale projects that are directly connected to the grid. This will enable it to supply more low carbon energy to its customers, said the company.

The company added that lowering the carbon content of its energy supply by backing the expansion and take-up of clean energy is key to reaching net zero goals for itself and for the countries in which it operates.

Centrica has also revealed plans to invest up to £100m in renewable assets annually by 2025.

Centrica group chief executive Chris O’Shea said: “As the UK’s biggest supplier of green electricity, we are leading the way in the green revolution. Of course, getting to net zero is complex, and we don’t pretend to have all the answers yet.

“But with the help of our 20,000 amazing colleagues and our 10 million UK customers, I’ve no doubt we’ll get there.

“Our Climate Transition Plan explains how, today, we intend to achieve our goals, but we must continue to listen and learn to keep pace with the unprecedented rate of change across the sector and society.”

The company has provided details of its plans to transform its gas-focused infrastructure in East Yorkshire in its climate transition plan.

Centrica said that the Rough platform and reservoir, which in the past had stored natural gas, is planned to be converted into a storage facility for hydrogen. The platform is located off the east coast of Yorkshire.

The company is said to be in talks with the British government on possible funding mechanisms for hydrogen infrastructure and will for more details before considering its options for converting the platform.