The construction on the wind farm is slated to begin in 2020 and will be completed in nearly 2 years

Banana Range wind farm

Image: Banana Range wind farm has secured green light from Queensland government. Photo: courtesy of skeeze/Pixabay.

The Queensland state government has given the green light to the 180MW Banana Range wind farm located south-west of Gladstone, Australia.

The wind facility is being developed by Orange Creek Energy, a subsidiary of Brisbane-based energy company Lacour Energy.

The new wind farm will increase the total capacity of wind generation approved by the government to 2.24GW, which is enough to power one million homes.

Banana Range wind farm will generate enough electricity to power nearly 120,000 homes

The AUD350m ($236m) Banana Range wind facility, featuring 50 turbines, will be used to power approximately 120,000 households, about five times the number of houses in Gladstone.

Queensland Minister for Planning Cameron Dick said: “The government strongly supports investment in regional projects and the Banana Range wind farm, located 20km west of Biloela, will provide a huge boost for the local economy.

“With up to 150 construction jobs and up to 15 ongoing jobs, the Banana Range wind farm will not only generate electricity for homes and businesses but will be an economic energy source for the surrounding region.

“Besides the great environmental benefits for Queensland, investment in projects such as this also creates a flow-on economic effect for local businesses and assists in diversifying the town’s economy.

The Banana Range wind farm will be located at a site with an existing high-voltage 132kV transmission line running through it.

Lacour Energy director James Townsend said: “We estimate there will be an injection of A$30-40m into the regional economy during the construction through the employment of local contractors and service providers.

“In addition to the construction of the wind farm, we are also going to provide $100,000 each year to support projects or initiatives in nearby communities through a community benefits fund.”

The construction of the project will commence next year and will be completed in nearly 24 months.

The 453MW Coopers Gap wind farm, which is under construction, is the other major wind project in the state. Upon completion in 2020, the wind farm is expected to produce power for 264,000 homes.

The Mount Emerald Wind farm, near Mareeba is currently producing power for 75,000 homes.