Cypress onshore wind platform is capable of boosting Annual Energy Production (AEP), efficiency in serviceability, logistics and siting potential


The Cypress marks the most powerful and efficient wind turbine across the world (Credit: General Electric)

GE Renewable Energy has received an order from investors Partners Group and CWP to supply wind turbines for the 244MW Bango wind farm near Yass, New South Wales, Australia.

Under the contract, GE will supply 46 of its Cypress onshore wind platform, with the project becoming GE’s first Cypress-equipped facility in Australia.

The proposed wind project is designed to generate energy for more than 100,000 homes and save more than 600,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

Construction of the project will start in the near future and it is expected to be fully commissioned and operational by 2021.


Cypress onshore wind platform

The company said that its Cypress onshore wind platform is capable of enabling significant Annual Energy Production (AEP) improvements, increased efficiency in serviceability, improved logistics and siting potential, while driving more value for customers.

In addition, the two-piece design of the turbine blade facilitates their manufacture at longer lengths and improves logistics to bring down costs and offer more siting options in previously inaccessible locations.

GE Renewable Energy Australia onshore wind leader Steve Oswald said: “With 1 GW of installed wind capacity and another 600 MW under construction here, GE remains deeply committed to Australia’s energy future, and with the Cypress platform we’re ensuring that we are bringing the very latest technology to this market.

“This new platform will help lower the cost of energy for Australian households and businesses and will create a significant number of regional jobs throughout the construction phase.”

GE Renewable Energy claims that that the Cypress platform has secured orders across the world, including Germany, Turkey and Australia.

In April, the company secured an order from the Prowind to provide three Cypress units for the Elfershausen project in Germany.