The EPA has recommended the project for approval from the Western Australian Minister for the Environment


Waitsia Stage 2 will involve expansion of the Waitsia gas field. (Credit: Anita starzycka from Pixabay)

The Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has recommended the  Waitsia gas stage 2 project for an environmental approval.

The authority has recommended the project for the final approval from the Western Australian Minister for the Environment.

The EPA said that the recommendation of approval is subject to strict conditions on water management, flora and greenhouse gas emissions.

EPA Chair Tom Hatton said: “this was the second proposal the EPA had assessed under its new greenhouse gas emissions guidance, which was released in April this year.

“The EPA welcomes the proponent’s commitment to emissions targets that go above and beyond the EPA’s long-standing policy of offset reservoir emissions.”

Waitsia project involve construction of a new gas facility

Under the Waitsia Stage 2 project, the Waitsia gas field is planned to be expanded by drilling more wells and construction of a new production facility.

To fully maximise the potential of the gas field, the project will involve drilling of up to eight production wells, two of these wells are already developed and up to six are planned to be drilled over the next few years.

The project will also include the construction a new gas processing facility with a capacity of 250 terajoules per day.

Under Mitsui E&P Australia brand, AWE Perth is expected to construct and operate a conventional gas facility that will be located about 16km south-east of the Dongara-Port Denison town sites.

Tom Hatton added: “The EPA notes AWE has incorporated a number of design elements and technologies along with monitoring and management programs to achieve emission reduction.

“AWE has also proposed to undertake a refit of the plant and equipment after 10 years of operation to adopt further greenhouse gas abatement measures if they are available to further support their endeavours.”