Tanking equipment installation completed at the Omsk Refinery’s Biosphere water treatment facility in Russia


Image: The tanking equipment has been installed at the Omsk Refinery’s Biosphere water treatment facility. Photo: courtesy of Gazprom Neft PJSC.

Gazprom Neft has announced the completion of the first-phase construction of the Biosphere water treatment facility at the Omsk Refinery located in Russia.

The firm reported the completion of tanking equipment installation at the Omsk Refinery’s Biosphere water treatment facility.

The Biosphere multi-stage water treatment complex’s reservoir block is designed to facilitate the preliminary mixing of all of the plant’s production wastewater before transferring it for mechanical cleaning where oil products and other impurities are removed.

Gazprom said that the Biosphere complex will deliver almost complete “closed-cycle” water usage while increasing efficiency in wastewater treatment to 99.9%.

Scheduled for completion by 2021, the construction of the Biosphere complex is a part of the Omsk Refinery’s on-going full-scale modernisation programme.

Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery general director Oleg Belyavsky said: “The unique Biosphere water treatment complex comprehensively addresses the issues of reducing the environmental impacts of production.

“Safe and rational water usage is an important factor for any industrial enterprise. In introducing new-generation, environmentally friendly technologies we are conserving resources as well as achieving significant economic benefits.”

Gazprom Neft investing $8.5bn for upgrade of Omsk and Moscow refineries

Gazprom Neft is currently undertaking a full-scale modernisation programme at its Omsk and Moscow refineries, which represent a combined investment of more than RUB550bn ($8.5bn).

Recently, Gazprom Neft has received the delivery of 10 pieces of high-tech equipment for construction of a delayed coking unit at the Omsk Refinery.

Earlier this year, Gazprom Neft and SIBUR consolidated 100% of the charter capital in the Poliom polypropylene plant in Omsk.

Through their joint venture Sibgazpolymer, the companies signed an agreement to acquire the remaining 50% interest in the charter capital of Poliom, owned by the Titan Group.

The Sibgazpolymer was expected to become the sole participant in Poliom, after completion of all corporate and registration procedures. Poliom will be jointly managed by Gazprom Neft and SIBUR.