Swedish energy giant Vattenfall has launched electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the UK and aims to become one of the leading EV charging infrastructure operator in North Western Europe in the next five years.

Vattenfall - Shooting - Ladeinfrastruktur - HKW Moabit

Image: Vattenfall's E Mobility Charging. Photo: Courtesy of Vattenfall AB

Now Vattenfall makes a first move into the British electric vehicle charging market with the launch of InCharge.

Vattenfall president and CEO Magnus Hall said: “Vattenfall strongly believes that the best way to make transport fossil free in a generation is to go electric. That’s why we are rolling out our charging network InCharge across north western Europe. We are in Britain to grow, and GB’s electric vehicle ambitions are a perfect fit with our smart, digitalised and low carbon electric vehicle strategy.”

Vattenfall’s strategy is to be fossil free within one generation. Under the current investment plan, SEK3bn ($340m) has been allocated for the development of new businesses, including charging infrastructure and battery storage.

Vattenfall E-mobility head Tomas Björnsson said: “The combination of Vattenfall’s investment plans and smart solutions for home, office and destination charging will boost confidence in the young British EV market, increase competition, help tackle drivers’ range anxiety, support clean air zones in Britain’s cities and ultimately bring down cost to British drivers.”

InCharge will grow by partnering with commercial developers, real-estate companies, industries, fleet owners and public bodies, such as local authorities to install charging poles around Great Britain.

Vattenfall will launch its InCharge product in Great Britain in June 2018.

Source: Company Press Release