French construction engineering company VINCI Energies has bagged a contract worth €200m from Senegal National Electricity Agency (Senelec) to build a range of electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure in Senegal.

The scope of work includes the construction of 1,350km of high-voltage and very-high-voltage overhead and underground transmission lines to connect several thousand residences.

Additionally, eight very-high-voltage transformer stations will be built. The grid management system will be upgraded, incorporating features such as a remote operations management interface and the capability to detect defects in both overhead and underground power lines.

The financing for the project will receive contributions from French authorities.

According to VINCI Energies, the project’s duration is three years and will involve more than 1,000 personnel.

Local teams will undergo training and receive expertise, with support provided by VINCI Energies’ French and Moroccan subsidiaries.

The initiative is part of a broader programme aimed at expanding Senegal’s transmission and distribution grid. The goal is to enhance the country’s energy capacity efficiently and sustainably by 2026, ultimately moving towards achieving universal access to electricity.

Last month, VINCI won a commitment deed contract for a 35-year public-private partnership (PPP) contract of high voltage transmission lines in Australia. The contract was won as part of the ACEREZ consortium which is made up of VINCI’s subsidiary Cobra IS, Acciona, and regional energy distributor Endeavour Energy.

The PPP encompasses the funding, design, building, operation, and maintenance of numerous 330kV and 500kV transmission lines, substations, and the associated infrastructure linking to various renewable energy plants with a total capacity of 4.5GW.