The Raftsjöhöjden project will be built as part of a 400MW wind power cluster


Vasa Vind begins construction on 60MW Raftsjohojden wind farm. (Credit: Pexels from Pixabay.)

Swedish wind power company Vasa Vind has announced that it will commence construction on the 60MW Raftsjohojden wind farm in Sweden.

The company along with Asia/Pacific Group (APG) and Asper Investment Management will start building the project in the municipality of Strömsund, Jämtland County.

About 11 wind turbines from GE Renewable Energy’s Cypress platform, with 158 metre rotors and 5.5MW of individual capacity, will be installed at the wind farm.

Eight of the Cypress turbines will have a hub height of 141 meters while the three others will be 121 meters high.

Vasa Vind stated: “The Cypress onshore wind platform enables significant energy production improvements and increased efficiency in service ability.

“The two-piece blade design also permits blades to be manufactured at even longer lengths, improved logistics and more siting potential.”

Vasa Vind is responsible for construction management of the wind farm

Vasa Vind will be in charge of the construction management as well as the technical and financial management of the wind farm.

The Raftsjöhöjden project will be built as part of a 400MW wind power cluster, which is also being constructed by Vasa Vind in the region.

Vasa Vind Business Development senior manager Patrik Idvall said: “We are very happy that we are now starting the construction of Raftsjöhöjden wind farm despite a challenging market.

“Favourable characteristics of the project and constant optimization have been important success factors. We are also delighted to expand our relationship with GE on this project.”

The company said that the construction of all other infrastructure on project will be completed by Stenger & Ibsen Construction.

Furthermore, the construction of the project is planned to begin shortly, with commercial operations expected to begin in the second half of 2021.