Vanguard Scientific Systems is a provider of equipment, systems and performance solutions servicing the botanical extraction industry


Image: Vanguard Scientific announces MIDAS Lease Program. Photo: Courtesy of WikimediaImages from Pixabay.

Vanguard Scientific Systems, Inc., premier provider of equipment, systems and performance solutions servicing the botanical extraction industry, is launching its MIDAS Lease Program, a lease-to-own package for supercritical CO2 extraction systems, to the global cannabis industry at MJBizCon, the largest cannabis conference and tradeshow being held at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 11-13.

The MIDAS Program represents the Company’s proprietary supercritical CO2 technology that delivers unparalleled terpene and cannabinoid extraction capabilities, while optimizing efficiencies, allowing its customers to effectively produce full-spectrum, ultra-premium products with greater flavor, aroma and plant-based effects.

Vanguard Scientific developed the MIDAS Lease Program to enable companies the ability to gain entry into the cannabis industry  for a much lower cost. Most companies trying to enter the space  are looking at initial start-up costs well over half a million dollars. The program provides customers with the ability to consistently and cost-effectively produce the highest quality oils and extracts on the market.

“In an industry that is rapidly expanding across the globe, Vanguard Scientific remains by our client’s side ensuring their success while providing best-in-class technology systems and solutions,” says Matthew Anderson, CEO of Vanguard Scientific. “We saw a need for an intelligent, compliant SCCO2 Extraction system that would provide unprecedented user-friendly performance capabilities that are consistent and repeatable. The MIDAS Lease Program reduces the barriers to entry and enables clients to enter the extraction industry with a low-down payment and a program that is scalable as companies grow their business to meet demand.”

Source: Company Press Release