Trianel is intensifying its onshore project development activities and is providing pure project development capital of 13 million euros.


Image: Trianel strengthens project development for wind and solar projects. Photo: Courtesy of seagul/Pixabay.

As part of its renewables strategy, Trianel is intensifying its own development of wind farm and PV open space projects with municipal participation. With the project development capital, a project pipeline of around 800 MW of wind farm and PV power is to be realized and municipal utilities will be given further access to renewable energy projects.

“The future is renewable. By 2030, the share of renewable energies is to be increased to 65%. We believe in the energy transition and, together with municipal utilities, make our contribution to achieving our goals, “says Herbert Muders, Head of Onshore Development at Trianel GmbH. “We have brought 300 MW of wind farms and PV ground-mounted systems online with municipal partners, and we are working on further Germany-wide projects.” Trianel bundles the expertise of renewable project development on land, enabling municipal utilities and municipal partners to work together in a complex renewable energy project. Asserting the market and promoting investment in its own expansion of solar and wind energy. Muders: “Stadtwerke can participate in the cooperation in our good market position.”

Solar energy gains importance Besides wind energy, solar energy plays a central role in the effective expansion of renewable energies and in the profitability of diversified renewable energy portfolios.

“We have successfully completed the market entry phase of Trianel project development in the PV sector and have already realized 100MWp of PV ground-mounted systems throughout Germany,” says Andreas Lemke, department manager for decentralized energy systems at Trianel. “For 2019 we have the implementation of another 120 MWp in the fixed planning, of which 80 MWp have already been slated. Further declining construction costs and economic optimization potential throughout the entire development chain make PV open space projects economically attractive. ”

Since 2016, Trianel has built up a competent development team as well as an extensive network of acquisitions, technical service providers and project partners with a focus on community-based project development. In addition to the development of projects with local partners for the rounds of tenders, Trianel focuses on the acquisition of existing projects and is constantly seeking new partners for the nationwide expansion of the project pipeline.

Source: Company Press Release