For the contract, the company has set up a rigging loft management workshop within its Qatar facility

8july - Sparrow

Image: Sparrows Group has established a new rigging loft management workshop in Qatar. Photo: Courtesy of Sparrows Offshore Group Limited.

Sparrows Group, an engineering services provider, has secured its first contract for the provision of rigging loft maintenance services in Qatar.

The contact spans four-year term and includes the provision of services for the refurbishment, repair, load test and recertification of rigging lofts and contents.

In addition, the company will offer the six-monthly rigging loft changeouts as part of the equipment management, and will provide replacement or new equipment, and ensuring availability of properly certified equipment as required offshore.

Sparrows Group establishes a new rigging loft management workshop

To service the work, the company has set up a rigging loft management workshop within its Qatar facility by investing in new machinery and other office equipment.

Sparrows said that it will maintain an online web portal for the contract to provide a register of the equipment status, store certificates and maintenance records, along with tracking equipment onshore and offshore by using RFID tagging.

Sparrows chief executive officer Stewart Mitchell said: “This is the first contract of its kind that we are providing in the Middle East region, due to an increase in demand for specialist companies to conduct this work. It is a significant award for the business in Qatar and demonstrates our growth in the market.

“Companies in the region are seeking quality services to ensure compliance and we look forward to delivering this contract. The investment into our facility in Qatar will enable us to support other clients in the Middle East with these services as well.”

Earlier, the company said that it has strengthened its position in the North Sea following contract renewals worth an estimated £30m in revenue in the first quarter of 2019.

The agreements were renewed with two of its long standing major operators in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) and included provision of crane management services over periods of one and five years.