Advanced Power has broken ground on the South Field Energy project, a 1.182GW combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant, which is being developed with an investment of $1.3bn, in Ohio.


Image: Advanced Power begins construction on South Field Energy project. Photo: courtesy of Karsten W. Rohrbach/

The South Field Energy project, which will come up in Columbiana County, will involve up to 1,000 people during its construction stage. The power plant is slated to be brought into operations in mid-2021 and will employ nearly 25 full-time employees in engineering, technical, operation, management and administrative roles.

Bechtel under a contract given in September 2018 is responsible for the engineering, procurement, and construction of the project. The South Field Energy project will be equipped with General Electric power generation equipment, which includes two 7HA natural gas turbines with each of them paired with a heat recovery steam generator and steam turbine generator.

Once commissioned, the facility will generate enough electricity to meet the power consumption needs of more than a million households. In addition to natural gas, the power plant is designed to run on ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) in the absence of the former.

Advanced Power development chief operating officer Jonathan Winslow said: “With facilities like this, we can close the growing gap Ohioans face in energy production.

“We will accomplish this using advanced technology to produce substantial, reliable, low-carbon electricity generation, while minimizing our environmental footprint.”

Earlier this week, Advanced Power announced the sale of a 15% stake in the South Field Energy project to ENEOS Power USA, an affiliate of Japanese energy firm JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy, for an undisclosed price.

The power plant will sell its energy, capacity and ancillary services into the PJM market. It will be fed with natural gas delivered from the TL-400 (Dominion South Point Gas) interstate gas pipeline.

Advanced Power, which has been the developer of the facility, is the construction and asset manager.

The company co-owns the project alongside an investor group featuring Kyushu Electric Power, RS Global Capital Investment, NH-Amundi Asset Management and PIA Investment Management, Shikoku Electric Power, and an affiliate of Bechtel Development.

The South Field Energy project is Advanced Power’s second natural gas-fired power project in northeastern Ohio after the 700MW Carroll County Energy, which entered into commercial operations in December 2017.