Solar Wolf Energy has quietly planned and hired people all over the country and has opened several locations with dedicated teams and associates


Image: SWE sets up new offices across US states. Photo: Courtesy of skeeze/Pixabay

Solar Wolf Energy after months of quietly planning and hiring people all over the country is proud to announce the opening of several more locations with dedicated teams & associates. The following locations will be or are currently operating as of this release: Houston TX, Harrisburg PA, Hartford CT, & Columbia SC.

“These locations will serve sales & engineering, procurement, contracting (EPC) services or exclusively EPC offerings. This has required us to lease new spaces, acquire additional vehicles, and direct hire passionate industry professionals, so we are absolutely committed.”  Ted Strzelecki CEO of Solar Wolf Energy stated.

Focusing on the installation side more in the last year, SWE has increased their footprint and roster significantly. By bringing what most other solar companies outsource in house it has given them speed and better-quality control. In some locations by Q4 SWE will be able to offer from contract to “glass on roof” within 3 weeks. The whole solar process, from initial consult to installation in less than a month is not commonly executed in solar. Being able to do this without sacrificing quality while still ensuring to hide conduits and offering symmetrical installs is the real key.

Strzelecki said in closing “I’m excited for the future of solar. Regardless of the ITC extension or not, those in our industry who can innovate and operate with discipline will not only continue but thrive. With the team we have, we fully embrace the challenge”

Source: Company Press Release