Siemens has been selected by the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) to provide operation and maintenance (O&M) services for the Beni Suef, New Capital and Burullus power plants for the next eight years.

Siemens to operate and maintain world's largest combined-cycle power plants in Egypt

Image: Egypt's Burullus is one of three new power plants to be operated and maintained by Siemens. Photo courtesy of Siemens AG.

Siemens said that this is the largest the agreement so far for Siemens Power Generation Services in terms of power generated. The company will implement its Omnivise digital service solutions as part of the agreement.

The three plants, with a capacity of 4.8GW each, represent 40% of the country’s power capacity. They generate 14.4GW, enough to supply 40 million Egyptians with electricity.

Each of these power plants is considered to be the largest gas-fired combined-cycle plant ever built and operated.

EEHC chairman Gaber El Desouki said: “The new agreement aligns with our energy production goals to ensure sustainable growth and maximum reliability and efficiency of new and existing combined-cycle generating facilities.

“Strategically, it makes sense for us to enlist a single trusted and credible service provider to help operate and manage our large-scale power assets.”

The agreement covers on-site equipment, including 24 gas turbines, 12 steam turbines, 36 generators, 24 heat-recovery steam generators and three 500kV gas-insulated switchgear systems.

Siemens senior executive vice-president of power generation services in the Middle East and North Africa Gianluigi Di Giovanni said: “The new agreement reconfirms our focus to work with Egypt on developing the right mix of solutions to support the country’s dynamic needs.

“It also underscores the tangible cost benefits that digital technologies can bring to the power industry.

“As a key development partner to the country we are committed to contributing to the sustainable growth, diversification and efficiency of the Egyptian energy industry.”

The company will implement its services portfolio under which data from the operation of the plants will be collected, analyzed and transformed into actionable insights such as diagnostics, troubleshooting and condition forecasting, help balance maintenance costs, optimize inspection intervals and provide insights into operational risks.