The Lundin award is under the new multi-year master services agreement and covers approximately 180km2 at license PL965


Image: Shearwater GeoServices awarded Isometrix projects by Lundin Norway and Spirit Energy Norway. Photo: Courtesy of Shearwater GeoServices.

Shearwater GeoServices is pleased to announce the award of a master services agreement by Lundin Norway, and new Isometrix seismic acquisition projects for Lundin and Spirit Energy Norway in the Barents Sea, Norway.

Both projects are Flexisource quad-source Isometrix projects with 50m streamer separation which will deliver a true 3D deghosted high-resolution Isogrid dataset. The marine acquisition surveys will be carried out by the Amazon Conqueror, starting in Q3. The Lundin award is under the new multi-year master services agreement and covers approximately 180 sq. km at license PL965. The project for Spirit Energy covers 130 sq. km and is at license block PL962.

“In addition to the unique Isometrix streamer technology, we have redesigned the source configuration down to a very small point source of only 1m by 3m. Combined with wide tow and four of the small focused sources, we believe we will obtain a super-high resolution image with almost zero-offsets as well as give us accurate amplitude versus offset measurements for reservoir property prediction” comments Per Eivind Dhelie, Senior Geophysicist in Lundin.

“This novel hybrid acquisition setup, which combines elements from 3D marine and site-survey operations will deliver a very high-resolution dataset that we believe will enable high fidelity imaging of our target”, comments Mark Ackers, Senior Geophysicist in Spirit Energy.

“The combination of our Amazon class vessel and Isometrix multi-sensor technology gives our clients access to the industry’s most technologically advanced and efficient platform for marine seismic acquisition,” said Irene Waage Basili, the CEO of Shearwater GeoServices. “We are truly excited by Lundin and Spirit Energy choosing our Isometrix technology and the Amazon Conqueror for their surveys.”

Source: Company Press Release