Santos has completed the phase 1 appraisal program of the Moomba South Patchawarra Formation in the Cooper Basin.


Image: Map showing the location of Moomba South appraisal program phase-1. Photo: courtesy of Santos Limited.

Located in PPL 8 and PPL 9, the Moomba South field’s appraisal program marks the first of several large-scale project appraisal phases planned in the Cooper Basin.

The multi-phase appraisal campaign aims to delineate and convert a significant contingent resource in Patchawarra tight gas sandstone reservoirs in Moomba South to reserves.

As part of the appraisal program, Santos has drilled eight appraisal wells to total depths ranging from 3,034m to 3,303m and intersected gas-bearing Patchawarra sandstone fluvial channel reservoirs.

The firm is undertaking analysis to confirm the gas composition and associated gas liquids volumes at the Patchawarra Formatiom. This follows preliminary gas sample analysis which indicated presence of higher natural gas liquids content and lower CO2 content.

Santos managing director and chief executive officer Kevin Gallagher said the firm is further assessing the Cooper Basin to find more gas for the east coast domestic market.

“I am very pleased that the Moomba South phase 1 appraisal program has confirmed a significant gas resource and resulted in seven new wells now producing in the Cooper.

“The program also successfully targeted two exciting new plays in the Granite Wash and Fractured Granite which have the potential to add significant new resources. Testing of both plays resulted in stable gas flows to surface.”

Santos has recorded individual stabilized well test rates of up to 8.7 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscf/d) with preliminary indications of higher natural gas liquids content.

The firm has also encountered several additional gas-bearing zones in the shallower Toolachee and Epsilon formations.

As a result of the appraisal program, Santos has brought seven wells on line through existing infrastructure while one well was plugged and abandoned.

Additionally, the program targeted two new plays in the Granite Wash and Fractured Granite which have the potential to add significant new resources, the firm noted.

Santos is planning to undertake two new plays to include horizontal wells to further appraise the field.