Energy storage company SaltX Technology has secured an order in Ghana from SunAct to supply 8,000 SunCool collectors.

The collectors are to be installed at thousands of sanitary stations throughout rural Ghana, most of which are off-grid. SunAct will be the provider of all energy including power, domestic hot water and cooling, and subcontracted to Thermodul Systems, which is under contract to build the stations for people in Ghana lacking toilet-, shower- and washing facilities.

The order value is 55 MSEK and conditioned upon financing based on bank guarantee.  Deliveries are planned to start during the second half of 2018.

SaltX communicated at the renewable energy conference Ghana in October of last year that it had initiated a collaboration with the energy company SunAct (previously SolarX). SunAct has already purchased a small number of SunCool collectors that are now being installed for demonstration purposes at the institute of industrialization, CSIIR in Accra.

SaltX Technology CEO Karl Bohman said: “This order is important for us on several levels; it accelerates sales in Africa – a key market for SunCool outside of China, and it proves the strength of SunCool as an autonomous and cost efficient solar energy solution. It is also important to show that our technology can make a big difference for many people who today lack basic pre-requisites.”

SunAct’s customer – Thermodul Systems – is a German house manufacturer with unique and cost-effective module-based building technology. The company recently signed a $300-million contract with Ghana First that will operate the stations on behalf of Ghana’s government.

SunAct CEO Francis Asante said: “We are pleased to have SaltX as partner in this important endeavor offering sustainable energy to autonomous sanitation buildings in Ghana. Our ambition is to become Ghana’s leading provider of solar energy solutions, and with our strong collaboration with CSIIR we can access 1,400 installers to implement solar energy systems including SunCool.”

SunAct is to import SunCool collectors from SaltX and its Chinese partner NSECT but has an option to, after the first 1,000 collectors have been delivered, purchase the core tubes with SaltX material from NSECT, still via SaltX, and then assemble the collectors in Ghana.

Source: Company Press Release