The approval increases the operational life of the Smolensk NPP unit 3 from original 30 years to 45 years


Image: The Smolensk NPP 3rd power block has secured license extension from Rostekhnadzor. Photo: courtesy of Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company.

Rosenergoatom, a unit of electric power division of Russian state corporation Rosatom, has secured a 15-year operating licence extension for the unit 3 of the 3GW Smolensk nuclear power plant (NPP) from Russian regulator Rostechnadzor.

The move increases the operational life of the 1GW Smolensk-3 plant from original 30 years to 45 years.

Rosenergoatom said that the Smolensk NPP has undergone a set of research, development, and engineering activities in preparation for an extended lifespan.

Smolensk NPP director Pavel Lubenskiy said: “The 3rd power block management systems were completely upgraded and refurbished from the technology prospective.

“We have conducted a global modernization with thousands of technically complex operations to replace the equipment that has exhausted its performance potential and to implement special new-generation special safety systems, among other things.

“We have laid over 2,000 km of wires, installed over 2,000 equipment sets. All planned works were completed timely and with due quality.”

The NPP’s upgrade work included a whole range of scientific, technical and engineering activities, the firm noted.

Unit 3 of Smolensk NPP will deliver over 90 billion kilowatt-hour

During the additional service life, the unit 3 of the Smolensk NPP will have capacity to deliver over 90 billion kilowatt-hours of power.

Rosenergoatom, in a statement, said: “As of now, the average contribution makes into the country’s power system is 20 billion kilowatt hours annually, which accounts for around 11% of all power produced by the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company and over 80% of the power produced by the energy companies of the Smolensk region.”

Earlier this year, Rosenergoatom said it has commenced pilot production of the 1,200MW unit 2 of the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant (NPP)-2 in Novovoronezh city, the Voronezh Region in central Russia.

The unit, which was undergo auditing from Rostekhnadzor to validate its construction in accordance with the project, was planned to be commissioned in late 2019.