The objectives of the EIA are to identify, prevent, minimise, correct and mitigate any potential impacts to the environment or the social framework of the Fenix Gold Project


Rio2’s Fenix gold project moves closer to construction after environmental impact assessment filing. (Credit: Steve Bidmead from Pixabay)

Rio2 Limited announces that it has submitted its Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) for the construction and operation of its Fenix Gold Project to the Chilean Environmental Impact Assessment System. The objectives of the EIA are to identify, prevent, minimize, correct and mitigate any potential impacts to the environment or the social framework of the Fenix Gold Project.

The EIA presented to the Environmental Assessment Service, Atacama Region was prepared by Minería y Medio Ambiente Limitada (“MyMA”), the Company’s highly experienced environmental and permitting consultants, in conjunction with senior members of the Rio2 and Fenix Gold team. Work on the EIA commenced in November 2018 with the preparation of an Environmental Baseline Study which included the documentation of flora, fauna, climate, air quality, archeological sites, hydrogeology, soil usage, geology, geomorphology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, water quality, paleontology, landscape, noise and vibrations along with a socio-demographic survey and ecosystem characterization during the various seasons of the year. The Environmental Baseline Study was completed in January 2020.

The EIA has been prepared to support the project outline of the Fenix Gold Project as defined in the Pre-Feasibility Study with an effective date of August 15, 2019. Approval of the EIA is anticipated for Q2 2021.

Alex Black, President & CEO of Rio2, stated, “The submission of the EIA is a significant milestone for the Company, coming just 20 months after acquiring the Fenix Gold Project and 4 months after completing an Environmental Baseline Study on the project. Completion of the EIA demonstrates our commitment to the environment and the people of the Atacama Region. The potential mine would present a boost for the regional economy with respect to job creation, procurement of goods and services as well as payments of taxes and royalties. It is estimated that more than 1000 jobs will be created during construction of the mine and more than 500 people when the mine enters production. We expect the Fenix Gold Mine to make a positive and lasting contribution to the employment and economy of the region for many years. I would also like to thank and congratulate our consultants and our technical team who have worked diligently over the past 20 months to achieve this milestone.”

Rio2 remains committed to build and operate the Fenix Gold Project and make it the next new gold mine in Chile in the shortest possible time, deploying the Company’s technical and capital markets expertise to achieve this goal.

Source: Company Press Release