Renewable Energy Systems (RES), a renewable energy services provider has been selected by CPS Energy to construct a solar and energy storage project to be located in San Antonio, Texas.


Image: RES’ first energy storage project in Sunbury, Ohio. Photo: Courtesy of Renewable Energy Systems Ltd.

RES expects to begin construction of the facility in October this year, with anticipated operations of the plant in May next year. The facility will include 5MW distributed solar capacity and 10MW/10MWh RESolve lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This project is

According to the renewable energy services provider, the project will take a new approach to combine distributed solar generation with strategically sized and configured electrochemical energy storage, with both technologies interconnected at distribution voltage on a common feeder.

When operational, the system is expected to allow for peak mid-day solar production to be stored and injected into the grid in late afternoon and early evening.

RES executive vice president Tom Duckett said: “RES is excited to partner with CPS Energy to construct a solar and energy storage project. Having 3GW of wind and 238MW of solar already constructed or under construction in the state, this will mark RES’ first energy storage project in Texas and will utilize RES’ industry leading energy storage control platform, RESolve.”

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) will host the solar and energy storage systems on its 1,200-acre campus.

CPS Energy chief operating officer Cris Eugster said: “This is an important project that brings together solar and energy storage whose combination is a key enabler to achieve a zero emissions portfolio.

“The project aligns with our Flexible Path strategy and gives us the opportunity to learn how to integrate these new technologies into our electric grid.”

In June, RES Deutschland started construction on a 10 MW battery storage project in the North German municipality Bordesholm. The company is building the project for the utility VBB.