Ramboll have started developing an artificial intelligence algorithm that turns collected data into tools relevant for water & wastewater treatment plants.


Image: Ramboll developing AI services for sewage treatment plants. Photo courtesy of Ramboll Group A/S.

Automation and technology have changed the everyday life of water and sewage treatment plants around the world. Striving for being at the forefront of this development a Finnish Ramboll team led by water experts Teemu Koskinen and Anna Sipilä have started developing an artificial intelligence algorithm which continuously analyses data from hundreds of different sources.

The algorithm provides a wide range of information as for instance if – and to what extend – a given plant will reach its environmental permit requirements.

”Water & Wastewater treatment plants should be preparing for the future and the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence. We are therefore developing digital services that benefit treatment plants and optimize – perhaps even enable total outsourcing of – treatment operations,” says Teemu Koskinen.

Only useful data should be stored

Many treatment plants are already storing a lot of data. Data storage might, however, be a considerable cost for the plants, and Teemu and Anna therefore advice clients to take a much more focused approach to data management.

”We suggest that treatment plants go through their data systems and consider whether this data is beneficial, if the data is sufficiently utilized – for instance by implementing AI – or if their data management resources should be used differently,” says project manager Anna Sipilä.

Source: Company Press Release