Pennsylvania American Water has completed major improvements to its Two Lick Creek Water Treatment Plant, with a cost of $3.2m.


Image: Pennsylvania American Water completes upgrades at its Indiana county plant. Photo: Courtesy of Yucel Tellici/

The $3.2m upgrade improves water service and safety for nearly 19,000 people in Indiana Borough and White Township who are served by the plant.

Pennsylvania American Water operations senior director Sean Graves said: “Our ability to provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable water to these customers is dependent on the ability to make critical infrastructure investments.”

Pennsylvania American Water and its partner, Kukurin Contracting, started construction in March 2017. The upgrades include two new intake structures, which improves reliability in the treatment process. The project also replaced gas chlorine with liquid chlorine to treat the water. In addition, a new enclosed loading dock provides a safe location for chemicals to be received.

Graves said: “The two intakes provide increased reliability and redundancy and represent a significant safety upgrade for the employees responsible for maintaining them. This investment also ensures compliance with water quality regulations and eliminates safety concerns associated with the on-site storage chlorine gas.”

Pennsylvania American Water invests approximately $250m to $300m each year for system improvements to continue providing reliable water and wastewater service to customers. Since 2012, Pennsylvania American Water has invested $10m in infrastructure upgrades in Indiana County.

Source: Company Press Release