The companies are planning to explore wireless power opportunities in Japan and more broadly in Asia


Ossia secures strategic investment from ENEOS Group. (Credit: Thanasis Papazacharias from Pixabay.)

US-based wireless power technology firm Ossia has secured investment from ENEOS Innovation Partners G.K, the CVC arm of the ENEOS Group.

The addition of investment from ENEOS Holdings (ENEOS HD), a Japanese petroleum, oil & gas exploration, and metals conglomerate, to the Ossia ecosystem, supports the brand partners that have endorsed Ossia’s Cota Real Wireless Power.

The ecosystem partners of Ossia include investors, commercial partners, deployment partners and brands who license the Cota technology.

The technology helps to deliver the targeted power to devices located at-a-distance without using wires, cables, or charging pads.

ENEOS HD executive officer and ENEOS IP president Yasunori Yazaki said: “We believe Ossia’s innovative technology has the potential to dramatically change people’s behavioral patterns, introducing a paradigm shift in their lifestyles.”

ENEOS and Ossia partners to bring the Real Wireless Power products to the market

Additionally, the strategic investment in Ossia will bring Cota Real Wireless Power, which is certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to market.

Now, both the companies are planning to explore wireless power opportunities in Japan and more broadly in Asia.

Ossia chief revenue officer Doug Stovall said: “ENEOS is a large, well-respected global brand with stronghold in Japan and more broadly throughout Asia in the energy sector.

“The strategic alignment for ENEOS and Ossia is clearly another step in making Cota the global leader in wireless power.”

In March last year, Ossia has entered into agreement with a global, tier one battery manufacturer to co-develop Cota-enabled batteries.