Northern Vertex Mining said that the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has issued it certified grant letters for right of way (ROW) for the power-line, fiber-optics and Access Road construction associated with the Moss Gold and Silver Mine project in north western Arizona.


Image: A mining digger. Photo courtesy of kathi_gott/

The Canadian miner said that the issuance of the letters from the regulator is a major milestone which provides measurable safety and economic benefits for all stakeholders.

According to the company, a powerline installed directly to site to provide utility power is likely to help in considerable operational savings throughout the lifetime of the mine. Northern Vertex’s 2015 Feasibility Study had projected five 750kW diesel-powered generators to power the mine.

Currently, the Canadian firm said that it has six generators operating during the commissioning period.

The company said that the transition from diesel fuel generated power to utility power will help in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions while the financial savings will be very significant if fuel prices continue to see an increase.

Northern Vertex also expects to see immediate and measurable results following the upgrade and maintenance of the Silver Creek Road and the tertiary County Mine Access Road.

The company, in a statement, said: “The level of safety will be increased substantially for the estimated 100 Moss Mine employees and the many local persons and tourists using the roads for business and recreational purposes.

“The attendant costs of delays to personnel and truckers, and the engagement of security personnel to direct the one -way traffic control will be eliminated. The direct economic benefits to Northern Vertex also include a reduction in maintenance costs to operational vehicles and those of our suppliers and local community.”

Last month, Northern Vertex reported the first gold pour from the Moss mine. During the same period, its partner Sprott Private Resource Lending had made a commitment of up to $100m to support its acquisition and development activities.