The investment programme will be implemented in Estonia between the period between 2020 and 2024


Image: Paljassaare wastewater treatment plant. Photo: Courtesy of Tallinna Vesi

The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) has agreed to provide a finance of €37.5m ($41.5m) to Tallinna Vesi, an Estonian water utility company, to improve freshwater supply and wastewater management infrastructure in Tallinn.

The investment aims to secure access to good quality drinking water, while ensuring that wastewater treatment is conducted efficiently to meet the challenges of climate change and population growth.

Following the implementatio of the investment programme is implemented, the daily water production capacity is expected to increase.

The investment could increase the capacity of Paljassaare wastewater treatment plant

By investing in wastewater management, the treatment capacity at the Paljassaare wastewater treatment plant is also expected to increase. It will prevent severs overflowing during heavy rainfall or snowmelt periods, thus decreasing discharges of untreated wastewater back into the Baltic Sea.

The investment programme will be implemented in Estonia between the period between 2020 and 2024.

As a water utility in Tallinn, Tallinna Vesi operates the city’s water and wastewater treatment plants, including its supply and sewerage networks. It offers drinking water and wastewater disposal services to nearly 460,000 people in the Estonian capital as well as to neighbouring municipalities.

Last month, NIB had agreed to support City of Varberg, Sweden, by offering €62m ($68.6m) credit for the construction of infrastructure for water, wastewater and waste.

Projects to be financed include a water tower in Varberg, water supply pipelines and a drinking water plant in Kungsäter. Investments in water and waste management systems are aimed at securing the supply and capacity of the municipality’s infrastructure services.

In the same month, NIB had also agreed to provide €150m to construct wastewater treatment plant in Tampere Region in Finland. Using the funding, a centralised wastewater treatment plant will be constructed at the Sulkavuori bedrock in Tampere.

The wastewater treatment plant is expected to commence operations in 2024.