ZAP and partner Anuvu Incorporated have unveiled their new hydrogen fuel cell consumer vehicle at one of the world's largest technology tradeshows, CES, in Las Vegas. The companies have heralded the new vehicle as the first hydrogen fuel cell automobile to be available to consumers.

ZAP’s fuel cell technology partner, Anuvu Incorporated, converted the Nissan Frontier four door pick-up truck on display at CES. An innovative hybrid fuel cell system powers the vehicle on hydrogen and electricity. The truck also works like a generator providing a standard 120-volt AC source for powering external machinery and appliances, from power tools to a whole campsite.

We believe this to be the first time a fuel cell vehicle has been offered for sale to the public, said Dr Craig Newhouse, Anuvu’s national sales director. Fuel cell technology has advanced to the point where it is no longer a secret: the technology to drive a zero-emission hydrogen automobile is already here, years ahead of government expectations.

ZAP calls Anuvu’s fuel cell systems fuel cell hybrids because they run on both hydrogen and electricity, like the gasoline-hybrids currently on the market. Unlike the gasoline hybrids, the by-product of Anuvu’s technology is water vapor and nitrogen, classifying it as a zero emission vehicle.

Last month ZAP signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Anuvu for its patented Power-X hydrogen fuel cell engine systems. According to Anuvu, ZAP’s purchase order for the Power-X PEM fuel cell engine is the largest in fuel cell history. The two Northern California companies are working to be the first to begin delivering production fuel cell vehicles this year.

Anuvu CEO Tom Scrima stated: Thanks to ZAP’s diverse line of electric vehicles, Anuvu’s dream of affordable fuel cell hybrids can be achieved in 2005. ZAP electric vehicles can be modified to run on fuel cells, helping to increase their range and performance. Fuel cells will change the world as we know it. People can now drive electric vehicles without having to plug in to recharge all the time and some talk about running their entire household by plugging into their car.