Contactless smart card payments company On Track Innovations has announced that Yellow Convenience stores, managed by Paz, Israel's leading energy company, will distribute EasyPark devices and integrate contactless readers into its point-of-sale terminals.

EasyPark is an innovative payment system that allows subscribers to park their car, turn on the contactless in-vehicle parking meter device displayed in the car window and then, when he/she returns, turn the device off. This eliminates the need for parking meters.

The EasyPark system can be used for both on-street parking payments and for parking lots, where the device is presented at the gate when entering or exiting the lot.

With about 250 stations nationwide, Yellow will more than double the number of loading stations for EasyPark across Israel. EasyPark total volume is currently approximately $1 million per month, but the addition of the readers to Yellow stores is expected to increase EasyPark volume by about 20%.

For Yellow, meanwhile, adding a contactless reader to a point-of-sale terminal is expected to prove easy and cost-effective, allowing the company to offer more services to its clients and to increase traffic at its stores.