US-based water technology firm Xylem has secured a $4.8m contract to supply energy efficient ultraviolet (UV) disinfection solutions for two drinking water plants in Ohio, US.

The UV technologies of Xylem are claimed to produce safe and clean drinking water by providing an extra treatment barrier for cryptosporidium at the 80 MGD Dublin Road water plant and 125 MGD Hap Cremean water plant.

As part of the contract, a complex retrofit will be fixed into the current filter pipe gallery at Hap Cremean water plant.  Xylem supplied 24 Spektron 2000e UV reactors to address the challenges posed by the retrofit. 

The UV disinfection system at the Dublin Road water plant requires reduced head loss to eliminate additional pumping costs and increased clearwell volume.  

The construction of the plants will commence in 2018 and Dublin Road water plant UV system and the Hap Cremean water plant UV system will start its operations in 2020 and 2020 respectively.

City of Columbus Division of Water Project Manager for the UV project C.R. Weaver said: “The UV facilities will provide an additional treatment barrier at the Dublin Road Water Plant and Hap Cremean Water Plant, enhancing our disinfection capabilities and allowing us to continue to provide safe, reliable, and affordable drinking water for all our customers.”

Director of treatment sales, North America Greg Claffey said: “At Xylem, we do not simply provide ‘one size fits all’ solutions; we work closely with our customers to create smart, sustainable solutions to their unique, complex water challenges.

“Our proven Wedeco UV technology was selected because it delivered the lowest life-cycle cost, primarily due to the energy efficiency of its low-pressure high-output (LPHO) Wedeco Ecoray lamps and the relative low head loss of the UV reactors. Furthermore, we were able to overcome the challenging requirements associated with the Hap Cremean plant retrofit.”