US-based renewable energy firm Wyoming Wind and Power is gearing up to launch 900MW wind farm split in the country.

The 300-turbine Wyoming Wind Farm is expected to be built in two parts located in eastern Platte County and western Goshen County. Majority of the project is planned in Platte County.

Wyoming Wind and Power business development vice president Ryan Fitzpatrick remarked that the project is launched to leverage the potential wind resources in the states, reported Star-Tribune.

It is scheduled to commence production in 2016, while the full operations are expected to begin in December 2019.

Meanwhile, the power output from the plant will be procured through a 180 mile transmission line, Wyoming-Colorado Intertie, between a substation at Laramie River power station in Wheatland to near Brush, Colorado.

Following the completion, Wyoming Wind Farm is expected to become one of the largest projects in the state.