Clint Wheelock, managing director of Pike Research, said: ”The biofuels market is currently at a point of discontinuity. The ethanol business has suffered a significant blow over the past few years, yet the prospects remain very bright for renewed growth in ethanol as well as next generation biodiesel technologies.

Mr Wheelock, said: ”Biogenetics is becoming a huge factor in the evolution of the market and biofuels companies are really leveraging the scientific knowledge base of genetic engineering. Biotech companies will be some of the big beneficiaries as the new breed of biofuels matures.”

Pike Research said that its new report, ‘Biofuels Markets and Technologies’, analyzes the complexities and paradoxes of biofuels markets. It examines key technologies that will drive the future of the industry to include second and third generation feedstocks and advanced biorefining techniques.

The report also includes profiles of key players and forecasts that quantify the potential for biodiesel and ethanol by country and region.