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It is my intention to compile a record of operating hydro generators under the title ‘The World’s Hydro Generators’, which will contain the main technical data of every single hydro generator manufactured with a unit rating of 5 MVA and above. At present, I’m in possession of data with a total output of about 800,000MVA, representing more than 90% of the hydro generation capacity installed worldwide.

In order to correctly allocate hydro generators to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), historical data of all companies that have manufactured large hydro generators in the past and at present has to be collected first. In total there were about 100 generator manufacturers who would qualify to be included in the list. However, quite a few of these companies are not in operation anymore or have amalgamated with others.
It therefore is important to identify the OEMs before publication of the hydro generator record is commenced. I have compiled a list of all hydro generator manufacturers that I was able to identify. It is likely, however, that some OEMs are missing, others may not meet the criteria and errors may have to be corrected. Corrections and additions are most welcome.

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