Sowega Power has awarded a contract to Wood Group GTS to replace two obsolete and Woodward Netcon 5000 turbine control systems at the Sowega power station in Baconton, Georgia, US.

Under the contract, Wood Group GTS will replace the control systems with Wood Group GTS’ icon controls, empowering plant operators with greater control and the on-site flexibility to meet different plant operating conditions.

Capable of being integrated easily with the Rockwell Human Machine Interface (HMI) recently installed at the site by Wood Group Mustang, the icon open platform control system is based on the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx system.

Sowega Power Brian Alligood said, "The Wood Group GTS icon system’s open architecture and off-the-shelf components extend the controls useful life and provide a significant advantage to our plant personnel."

The sowega Power upgrades are expected to be completed in 2014 and 2015.

Wood Group GTS – Power Plant Services president Frank Avery said that Icon control system upgrades offer a low-risk, long-term solution to remove restrictive operation barriers while lowering the overall plant operating costs.

"The need to upgrade or replace aging and obsolete gas turbine control systems is prompting many power plant managers to reassess more flexible and reliable options beyond the proprietary OEM package," Avery added.