Wood Group GTS, a Scotland-based energy services company, has signed a four-year operations and maintenance (O&M) contract with Entegra Power Group and Sundevil Power Holdings to operate a 2,200MW power plant in US.

Located near Phoenix in Arizona, Gila River Power Station features eight General Electric (GE) Frame 7FA gas turbines, eight heat recovery steam generators.

The plant also features Wood Group’s ECOMAX system, an automated gas turbine tuning technology that helps in optimizing gas turbine combustor and overall gas turbine performance.

Six of the eight turbines at the gas-fired power generating station have already installed ECOMAX, and now the remaining two units could also install the technology under the new agreement.

Wood Group GTS currently provides gas turbine upgrades, repairs and outage services to the power plant. Recently, the firm secured a maintenance inspection contract for two gas turbines and one steam generator at the site.

Sundevil Power Holdings owns power blocks one and two at the Gila River Power Station, while Entegra Power Group owns, operates and markets electric power in the US.