German oil and gas producer Wintershall wants to further develop its business cooperation with Russian gas major Gazprom, according to its CEO Reinier Zwitserloot.

It is believed Wintershall is motivated by a desire to expand its energy sources, while also providing greater security of future supply. The energy provider’s strategic revelation comes as German rival E.ON is also pursuing closer ties with the Russian state company.

Wintershall wants to expand its ties with Gazprom in both its upstream and downstream businesses. This includes further natural gas marketing, transportation and gaining a significant share in the West Siberian Yushno Russkoje gas field.

Wintershall and Gazprom have been a good team in gas marketing for 15 years already. This cooperation is an important contribution to Europe’s gas supply system and profitable for the company itself, Russian news agency ITAR-TASS quoted Mr Zwitserloot as saying.