Natural Gas producer and supplier WinGas has claimed that it has strengthened its market position in Europe, particularly in Belgium and the UK.

Supported by its subsidiary WinGas Belgium, which has been co-ordinating the marketing activities in the country since the beginning of 2003, WinGas will supply customers with more than 12.3 billion kWh of natural gas this year. The company has also signed several agreements with new industrial customers. It has already signed supply agreements with a volume of about 16 billion kWh of natural gas for 2008.

In the UK, WinGas UK is expected to supply about 20 billion kWh of natural gas this year. WinGas had previously acquired Norsk Hydro’s shares in the HydroWingas joint venture, in which both companies formerly held equal shares.

Dr Rainer Seele, chairman said: WinGas has become a successful and key player on the British and Belgian natural gas markets. Furthermore, both countries require large quantities of natural gas and thus still hold great potential for our company.